Staying Focussed

My blogging has definitely been put on the back-burner as of late. Third year at uni is now rapidly taking over my life and,with two dissertations to write as well as my usual modules, it can get pretty stressful. However, this has got to change!

I am not one for “new year, new me” and so this blog post has probably come at a bad time! Instead, this is more a reflection for me to stop procrastinating an to begin pursuing my hobbies once more. There is only so much Uni work one can complete every day and sometimes I need a break. My issue has been laziness! Rather than trawling social networking sites and refreshing the page on numerous occasions, I could be writing – something I enjoy much more than seeing what someone has had for dinner! Instead, I am going to set myself some targets to complete alongside my Uni work;

1) start blogging more (even if it’s just something reflective like this piece to keep me on track). It doesn’t take too much time and it helps me to see where I need to go.

2) keep writing articles! I love writing for Keele’s Concourse and I also want to write another article for the BPS. Researching topics of interest is also going to be far more useful than checking out the latest hastag trends on Twitter!

3) write a history article. History is my first passion, yet (apart from my work at Englesea Brook Museum) it is the only subject that I have never tried to enter any competitions for and I don’t really know why! I’m a bit scared of the rejection, but what have I really got to lose? It could offer me a real learning curve.

4) get to gym. Yes, I know, so “2015” cliche but it actually relaxes me and helps me unwind after I’ve hit that oh too common mental block when writing.

For now, these are my targets. I am going to grab third year by the balls (pardon the expression) and knuckle down! Wish me luck!

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1 Response to Staying Focussed

  1. mlowepoe says:

    Great ideas! Think we all need something to keep us on track sometimes… especially so soon after new year!!

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