Reasons for Dressing-Up Every Day

Here is an article that I have recently written for Keele University’s Concourse magazine. This was published both in print and online and I am so grateful to them for displaying my work! I hope you like it.

Reasons for Dressing-Up Every Day

You’re getting up for Uni and you’ve got some spare time before you need to leave the house. Do you throw on that baggy hoodie that has been in your wardrobe for practically a millennium or should you wear that cute blazer – the one you’ve bought but never had the occasion to wear? The answer; always go for the blazer! Here are 6 reasons to dress up for the day, rather than dressing down;

1. It’s fun! You get to wear the clothes that you want, different colours, textures and style you should just have fun with it! Everyone has their few fashion mishaps now and then (I know I have) but do you know what? It’s still fun and you get to just laugh it off with your friends.

2. It promotes body confidence. If you are hiding behind that baggy jumper or old pair of jeans then you don’t get to show off your beautiful shape! Confidence is attractive and clothes can make you feel confident. If you’re nervous about a seminar presentation or a job interview, then a great outfit will keep your head high and make you feel so much more enthusiastic to seize the day.

3. It’s cheap. We all do it, you’re sitting in your room, you’re bored, and you can’t even remember how many times you have pressed refresh on the same internet page. Why not buy some cheap clothing dye or a pack of buttons? Everyone has loads of old clothes that they never think they’ll wear again so get designing. It’s a great hobby to have in your spare time and you can show off your one off piece around uni the next day. Everyone will be jealous that they can’t buy one in the shops.

4. You are only young once. When you’re older and you are looking back through your photo album at that ‘young face and awesome body’ that you had then what better way of making the future you proud?! Show it off, if you love sequins than you wear those sequins. The only reason people will be staring is to admire or because they are wishing they’d dressed up as well.

5. Because that gorgeous skirt cost you way too much money to only be worn on special occasions. When buying items, always consider the age-old rule of cost per wear. If a skirt costs you £30 then you need to wear it at least 30 times. A bold patterned pencil skirt will look fabulous on a night-out with heels and a flowing blouse. However, that bold skirt will still be a show-stopper on your way to the lecture theatre with a cool pair of trainers and a t-shirt.

6. Finally, do it for fashion. Get dressing up and get taking those selfies. Just remember, it would be a crime to keep those outfits to yourself, so get on Instagram and get them out there. Always with #concoursefashion

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