A New Chapter

After completely neglecting my blog over the last few months, I have finally found time to write. I have now started a new chapter in my life and it is extremely exciting;

1) I have finished University

2) Achieved a 2:1 in my degree

3) Moved house and country (England to Wales)

4) Started a full-time job

All of this has happened very fast but I couldn’t be happier! University was three years of hard work and lots of tears but it was 100% worth it for the feeling when I opened that scary email and discovered my degree classification. It seems strange that those three years are now all over, but I am so proud that I stuck it out (it was somewhat touch and go at times). What made it much harder was that I was packing and partially moving to a house 100+ miles away from my family home while studying and sitting my finals exams (warning; do not try this at home!).

The move is also huge for me as I have moved from the city to a small seaside town that are worlds apart. As I write this now, I can hear seagulls and the sea! The change from traffic and city noise to quiet hills and beaches feels great. I am definitely hoping it will be productive inspiration for my writing – especially now that I can read and write for pleasure, rather than for my dissertations.

Time-management is definitely proving difficult though as I am working full-time nights currently. I am determined to change this laziness though and get writing again. I enjoy it too much!

So, for now, this is a little update to not only explain my absence from blogging but to also, hopefully, promise more to come. You will be pleased to know that the posts in the future will be a little bit more exciting and less about me!

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