The Blogger

Hi there,

I’ve become ‘one of them’ and here is my student-y blog to prove it! It is just a little public space where I can post my published and unpublished pieces, as well as any experiences or ideas. I have never done this kind of thing before but have always been interested in blogging and article writing for various organisations and also for myself. I am a 21-year-old Keele University student in my final year of studying a History and Psychology degree. I hope to connect to non-students, as well as students, to reveal little snippets of University life, as well as appeal to those interested in history and psychology.

I’m sure you’ll learn more about me through my posts – thank you for being interested in this!




1 Response to The Blogger

  1. igahistory says:

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I really appreciate the feedback. I enjoy your work as well.

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